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“Maza” kindergarten is a facility for early and preschool education which is based in Primorsko goranska county. Its work focus is on personal growth and development, respect and acceptance of individual needs.

Together with their families we raise and educate generations of the youngest population.

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A Word from the Principal

Dear parent, it's time for the adventure of your little child...

After the most beautiful moment in your life, the birth of your child, it is time for the little one’s adventure. It is exceptionally important that the kindergarten, that is becoming the child’s second home, is an extension of your family you can rely on at any moment.


When your little one starts attending our kindergarten – it will be the start of our journey together. Earning your trust is a recognition, not only of the work but also of the way of thinking and living for the last 30 years in Maza kindergarten.

Zvjezdana Balen Vuglac

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The work focus of „Maza“ kindergarten is on creating conditions for a complete and coherent development of children’s abilities, contribution to the quality of their growing up and quality of their family life. This is accomplished with the help of a team of professionals who are doing everything to help emotionally aware children become socially responsible individuals. We cherish the individuality of every child respectfully and in a cheerful atmosphere.

Doris Marković

mag. iur
Secretary / lawyer



Marica Jurčević

Our cook

We are writing our story and investing all our love and efforts into your little ones.

Our vision…

is a continuous interactive relationship of a child as the centre of family, kindergarten and community. The principle, professional assistant – pedagogue, educators, English language teachers, psychologist, secretary, our kindergarten cooks and cleaners and all external professional associates are involved in the whole process.

After school care

Our vision is wider. When your child outgrows kindergarten as a community and continues with further education, we provide the possibility to continue our collaboration through after school care. Dies Pro Dies company provides care for your child after he/she starts his/her primary school education.

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Let’s embark on an adventure and a journey together. For all your questions and inquiries call us or fill in our contact form. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us with confidence.


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