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Our mission & vision

Maza kindergarten is an institution for preschool education which operates within Primorsko-goranska county. The entire work is directed towards growth and development, respect and acceptance of individual needs.

Together with the family, we raise and educate generations of the youngest population. Child’s continuous interactive relationship as the centre of everything, family, kindergarten and social community.

Our expert team

We educate and teach

Doris Marković

Legal professional,
mag. iur.

Marica Jurčević

Our cook


Regular complete early and preschool education developmental programme – 10 hours a day.

Special programmes as extended regular programmes verified by the competent ministry:

Preschool programme

Early foreign language learning programme

Safety-protective and preventive programme

Integrated English language programme

In our Maza kindergarten, apart from the regular programme, we also implement the integrated English language programme. The English language is based on spontaneous situational incentives, exercising different activities, games and projects designed for an individual age group. The aim is to bring English closer to children using games and following their interests to create the foundations for their knowledge and their future development. Through the teaching of the English language, we develop consciousness of expending communication possibilities and an easier approach to information. We also encourage self-activity and the child’s interest in gradual foreign language acquisition in line with its individual possibilities and needs.

To achieve the goals set by these programmes, the following members participate in the entire work of the kindergarten: the principal; expert associate – education specialist; kindergarten teachers; English language teachers; secretary; housekeepers; and other external expert associates.

We are writing our story and investing all our love and efforts into your little ones.


The menu at Maza kindergarten has been composed in association with the Teaching Institute of Public Health. Every three months the menu is controlled, and changes are made according to season change so that seasonal ingredients are incorporated into main dishes. The menu has been composed so that all nutritional needs for proper child growth and development are met. Weekly menus are posted on every group’s notice board to give parents insight into the diet. Our housekeepers are in charge of the morning meals, breakfast and fruit snacks.

Introducing the HACCP system (food quality and safety system) in the kindergarten meant changes in the way birthday parties are celebrated. Encouraged by the food standards for planning children’s diet, our parties are called “Healthy birthdays”, and they include fruit meals, fresh or dried fruits. Apart from a healthy diet, birthday parties are complemented with additional content based on children’s choice and interests. Children are allowed to choose how they want to celebrate their birthday and the ingredients that will be consumed.

Because health is the most important thing!

Cooperation with social factors

Our institution, Maza kindergarten, cooperates with different social factors: We participate in the programme “Children’s Oral Health Advancement”, which is implemented at the institution level. Every year we work closely with the Teaching Institute of Public Health and the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka – dental medicine students or dentists pay us a visit – and such an educational visit aims to demonstrate the accurate oral hygiene and preventive actions for dental health.

Furthermore, every year we take part in the project “Kindergartens for kindergartens” as part of “Festival of Science”, presenting our projects and children’s work according to the set topic. “Schools for Africa” is an educational and humanitarian programme by UNICEF we participate in every school year. Throughout the whole school year, our kindergarten joins forces to help the children in Africa with financing, education, school items, clothes and everything else needed for them to feel as and be school children.

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